Patricia Williams LCSW

Lasting Change for Couples

Patricia Williams LCSW

Lasting Change for Couples

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Are you unhappy in your closest relationship?

  • Do you feel more and more distance between you and your partner?
  • Is your partner withdrawn and/or emotionally unavailable?
  • Is your partner critical and blaming?
  • Is your relationship suffering from distance and lack of responsiveness? (probably the #1 reason for relationship deterioration)
  • Are you stuck in the same fights over and over—and not resolving the problem?
  • Has one of you had a sexual, internet or emotional affair?

If any of these sound familiar…

Couples/Marital Therapy can help you:

  • Bring your relationship out of the “stuck” negative pattern that you are in.
  • Feel more connected and develop a deeper emotional bond.
  • Learn to diffuse conflict and repair disconnections more quickly
  • Understand how creating a “couple bubble” can create a safe place in which to relax and feel accepted, wanted, protected, and cared for.

As an experienced couples therapist trained in the most effective ways in working with couples, I can help you.To make an appointment, or if you’d like to ask me any questions, please e-mail me:, or call me at 914 739-3206.

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